Brands take over Halloween: 5 spooky Vines

October 31 2013

Pumpkins, trick or treaters and creepy Vine videos, that's what Halloween is all about. It's the first year brands have had a chance to play at Vine during Halloween and they've definitely made the most of it.


Tide have put together a whole series of Halloween Vines based on cult horror films in a bid to scare you stainless.


Never a brand to miss an opportunity of having some fun on Vine, prepare to be unnerved by the exortwist.

Coors Light

Practical and good for the environment, Coors Light dreams up a new way of creating your halloween costume this year.

Urban Outfitters

Proving they can style up even the most gruesome occasion Urban Outfitters provides a how-to session in halloween nail art.


That pumpkin you're carving seems pretty harmless right? Maybe not...

Happy Halloween!

Written by Lauren Bigland

Published on #Vine

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